Willow Alumni Reflect on Earth Day

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Alumni, Homepage News, Outdoor Learning

Earth Day is a special day at Willow, as I am sure many of you remember! From the mysterious sword dance to the countless service learning projects, it sure has created some lasting impressions. I reached out to a few alumni from my class (the class of 2019), and I heard back about what they remembered most about Earth Day and Willow’s emphasis on sustainability. 

I first asked alumni about their favorite memory from Earth Day!

“My favorite memory is when we would take field trips and clean our community and leave it at least a little better than we found it.” – Alexandra Thuren

“The sword dance was always so cool to watch as a lower school student, but then in middle school, participating was even more fun. I always loved theorizing about how the swords were held together as a kid and hearing those same theories or new ones from the younger kids once I knew the secret.” – Teddy Golumbeski

Ever the crowd favorite, the sword dance is a favorite shared by Maddie Wolfe and Adelaide Rafieyan as well!

When asked what kind of lasting effects Willow’s Earth Days had on them, everyone stressed the importance Willow placed on the environment and how that has stuck with them throughout their lives.

“From the moment I came to Willow in kindergarten, Willow has taught me to take care of the Earth.” – Maddie Wolfe

“Caring and getting involved in your community is very important in life.”- Alexandra Thuren

“Earth Day at Willow taught me a lot about working together with your community for the greater good. I learned that not only can you come together with your community to do something good and that we all possess the power to make a difference, but you can have fun doing it.” – Teddy Golumbeski

Finally, I asked alumni for simple tips on how to be a little more eco-friendly.

“If you do not already have one, buy a recycling bin you can use. Also, be a good steward of the land by picking up any litter you see.” – Teddy Golumbeski

“Some ways to reduce your impact on the planet are to try to carpool or use public transportation as much as possible. Additionally, something as simple as buying less plastic and recycling what you do buy will help the Earth stay healthier.” – Maddie Wolfe

“You can reduce your impact on the planet by using reusable materials and bringing your own bags to the grocery store.” – Alexandra Thuren

So, in honor of Earth Day, remember your Willow roots and try to make a minor lifestyle change that will help our planet. It can be as simple as starting a compost pile! No change is too small!

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