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Children learn best when they use their natural curiosity to test new ideas and engage in hands-on exploration. Willow’s philosophy—joyful and relevant to children’s lives—forms the foundation for every student to realize academic excellence. Select spots are available for the fall. Use the form below to start a conversation with us or click HERE to apply.

At Willow, your child will experience:

Student Centered Learning


In any effective academic setting, students should feel empowered to believe in their own capabilities as learners and trust their instincts when it comes to research and discovery of a subject. At Willow, teachers are not dictating the lessons and walking through the rows ensuring that students are taking notes. Instead, they’re blending into the background, watching, and evaluating the needs of each student based on their observation. This allows for a creative environment and joy-filled lessons.

and Joy


Many schools talk about character. Willow practices it. Our students become responsible and courageous because integrity is modeled and practiced by every member of our community. Our Virtues Program is embedded into everything we do. It’s at the foundation for students to build confidence and compassion. Virtues such as respect, responsibility, service, honesty, courage, and joy reinforce Willow’s commitment to living an ethical life.

Academics through Experiences


At Willow students have authentic experiences. From reviewing books to tracking the school’s compost, students learn through activities relevant to their lives. Our teachers design lessons that follow student’s interests and curiosity, providing the flexibility for students to explore the moment. Lastly, in recent years, Willow teachers have incorporated a new teaching tool, imaginative inquiry, that encourages students to use their imagination to role play and solve real life problems.

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