Together or Apart

The core groundings of a Willow education — Joyful Learning, Virtues and Community — remain strong, whether we’re learning together on campus or learning from a distance.

Joy Makes Us Brighter: Willow classes are infused with joy whether we’re on campus or online because it’s the smarter way to engage and motivate children. Willow’s Academic Innovations, like Systems Thinking and Genius Hour, get our students excited about what they are learning, while teaching higher order thinking skills. One-on-one time with our dedicated teachers helps our students learn at their own pace, keeping them challenged. While we are holding plenty of live classes during distance learning, we are also supporting our students’ physical and mental health by intentionally reducing screen time and encouraging them to explore the outdoors. To experience the difference of joy in Willow’s science class, try Ms. M’s Nature Challenge of the Day!

Virtues Make Us Kinder: Together or apart, Morning Gathering is the cornerstone of a Virtues Program which is modeled and practiced on a daily basis by students and adults. Watch our Virtual Morning Gatherings, held at the start of every school day, to see how we reflect upon virtues such as courage, wisdom, gentleness, and humility as a community.

Community Makes Us Stronger: Whether we’re on campus or learning remotely, Willow students achieve their greatest potential with community standing behind them. We’re small by design. A maximum of 14 students in Lower School classes and 15 in Middle School classes is how every student is known not just by their teacher, but by the entire school community.

We invite you to experience the Willow community!

Weekly Webinars for Parents begins on May 14. Each week a Willow administrator or faculty member shares an area of expertise to help parents in our area learn more about Willow and navigate distance learning from home. This series is free of charge!

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