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Independent school education isn’t always the obvious choice, especially given the cost. We ask families to consider these questions when exploring school options: “What do I want from my child’s school experience?” “What does my child need from his or her teachers and school community?” “What is the goal of my child’s education?” For many, the answers underscore the lasting value of Willow, where learning is joyous and always productive, virtues are the guiding force for the entire school community, and the goal is to graduate students who can successfully navigate and lead in an increasingly complex world. Exploring School Options: Private vs. Public by Head of School Francisco Ayala offers seven highlights of independent school education that can reap lifelong benefits for your child.


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“My two children are thriving at Willow. They went from coming home overwhelmed and dreading their day at public school to being enthusiastic about learning and genuinely look forward to going to school now. This is pure joy from a parent’s perspective. My children are thriving both socially and academically, and the administration truly cares. What a gift this school is in every sense of the word.”


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“Enrolling our children at Willow is the best thing that we have ever done for our family. All three of our children, who range from middle school to preschool, adore their teachers and their classmates. They are excited to go to school, which is no wonder when every aspect of the curriculum has been intentionally designed to ignite curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills.”


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“The Willow School is a safe space for students, staff, and parents to learn and grow as a community. The school’s Virtues Program reminds our children to be present and mindful, and the challenging curriculum is tailored to the learning style of each child. As a parent, watching your children learn in an environment where they are constantly reminded that they are valued for who they are and their unique abilities is a privilege that you cannot put a price on. My children, husband, and I couldn't be happier.”


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Tuition for the 2022-23 school year is:
Preschool (5 full days/week)* $17,500
Kindergarten $27,750
1st Grade $31,750
2nd Grade $33,750
3rd Grade $33,750
4th Grade $35,250
5th Grade $35,250
6th Grade $39,250
7th Grade $39,250
8th Grade $39,250

*Willow offers half-day and other preschool schedule options. Preschool tuition varies depending on your child’s schedule. Contact Director of Enrollment Management Lisa VanderVeen for more information.

Our healthy, locally sourced lunch program is included in the tuition for Grades K-8. Devices are provided for all students, as well as books and other essential classroom resources.

Visit the Affording Willow page for information on our tuition assistance program.


Set Up a Payment Plan

To help manage tuition payments, The Willow School offers payment plans. We use the FACTS tuition management system to make the process more convenient. Call Willow’s Business Office for more information at (908) 470-9500.

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Director of Enrollment Management Lisa VanderVeen is here to help! Contact her at (908) 470-9500, ext. 1100 or via email.

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