Learn With Purpose. Lead With Character.

Discover a middle school where every lesson has an intellectual and ethical purpose and virtues of compassion, respect, and courage are the norm. Willow is that school.

Here are some of the ways our middle schoolers (Grades 6-8) thrive during these pivotal years:

We dive deep into learning: Willow middle schoolers are immersed in an enriched curriculum that includes hands-on project-based learning, systems thinking, social-emotional skill-building, and a robust arts program. Our students experience a higher standard of learning that involves experiential lessons, in-depth research studies, and Systems Thinking, a way of thinking that helps students understand complex issues fully, make better decisions, and solve problems more effectively.

We go beyond the basics: Through uniquely engaging lessons you’ll find only at Willow, middle schoolers develop a deeper understanding of what they are learning and become highly capable communicators, innovators, and problem-solvers. Our forward-thinking curriculum engages students in meaningful learning experiences that make what they are studying relevant to their lives. Dedicated time for art, music, small group advisory and interesting electives provide opportunities for middle schoolers to work together and explore their interests.

We practice virtues every day: Willow’s daily practice of Virtues is a game-changer for many middle schoolers. The community’s sense of joy, wonder, compassion and respect for one another is palpable. Virtues create a healthy, supportive environment where middle schoolers develop the confidence and mindset needed to set and achieve ambitious goals. Virtues also lay the groundwork for middle school students to lead, whether it’s leading Morning Gathering or spearheading service projects.

We build skills for tomorrow: Throughout middle school, Willow students continually build and develop practical skills like time management and organization, as well as life skills such as persistence and resilience. Every Willow eighth grader takes a capstone course, Skills For Tomorrow, that focuses on resume writing, interviewing, and personal finance. Eighth graders also complete an internship which they reflect upon and present to the entire school community.

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