Alumni Spotlight: Time Capsule Project

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

alexa-time-capsuleDuring the 2017 graduation ceremony, Alexa Epstein, a new Willow alumni, introduced us to a new Willow tradition. From this year onward, each graduating class will add to Willow’s new Time Capsule chest, creating a unique, student-curated collection of memories for their class.

The chest was hand built by Willow’s own Mr. Emmett Kresge. It is made of wood salvaged from the construction of the buildings on this campus. There is one word carved on the tree stump that supports our new Time Capsule chest, the word “UNLESS.” Mr. Emmett chose to carve this word on the stump as a reminder of the Dr. Suess story, The Lorax. At the end of that story, the lonesome, regretful old Onceler reminds a young child that the world we live in requires our participation if it is to be restored to a healthy, balanced, and beautiful state. He reminds us that there is no guarantee that things will get better anywhere, for anyone or anything – UNLESS someone cares enough to make it so.

There is no more appropriate word that could be carved onto The Willow School’s Time Capsule. As students here, we have learned that it is not enough to know. We must also care and act. Our collective future depends on it.


The Time Capsule now contains just the first alumni class box, filled with messages created by the class of 2017, addressed to their future selves. From now on, the graduating 8th grade class will add their own boxes to the Time Capsule. Eight years after the year they graduate, when Willow alumni have just graduated college, The Willow School will invite each class back to see and hear their messages. This way, our future alumni can be reminded of who they are now and reunite with their classmates.

It will be fun to see the Willow class of 2017 open up this first Time Capsule box in 2025!

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