Community Lunch

The way a school organizes its lunch program will tell you a lot about its commitment to community and student wellbeing. Willow’s lunch program is intentionally aligned with our values. Students and parents say it is quite different from mealtimes seen or experienced at other schools. Here’s why:

  • Willow lunch is served in the Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Building in two sessions (Kindergarten-Grade 5 and Grade 6-8 to bolster connection and community.
  • The atmosphere is noticeably relaxed and calm. Students sit at assigned tables in mixed grades with a faculty or staff member. An adult is present to encourage manners, healthy eating, and conversation.
  • Lunch is served buffet style and the facilitator of the program, Simply Gourmet, uses fresh, local, organic ingredients, seasonal produce, whole grain pastas and breads, and water. See how our locally-sourced lunches supported local farmers in 2018 here.
  • At the conclusion of lunch, all students assume rotating responsibilities such as bussing plates, clearing silverware, or wiping tables. Visitors are often quite stunned to see students complete these chores without prompting or reminders; it’s an expectation that’s ingrained in the Willow community.

The lunch program is included with tuition. Willow is highly accommodating of children with nut and other food allergies

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