Community Lunch

Willow’s lunch program looks a little different this year. We’ve made adjustments to our typical lunch program to ensure that students remain in their classroom pods throughout the day, enjoy lunch and snack outside as much as possible, and still retain our focus on healthy, organic, locally sourced food. While we may not be able to enjoy a whole-school lunch this year, we are committed to maintaining the community feel of our classroom lunches, using the time to encourage students to practice the virtues, responsibly clean up, and develop relationships with each other.

This year, Willow is excited to welcome our new caterer, Brock, to our community! Brock is committed to serving delicious and nutritious lunches using sustainable practices and adhering to all of the necessary safety standards for this unique school year. Brock delivers lunches to each class at their designated lunch time in reusable containers. Students are asked to provide their own reusable utensils for lunch.

Willow families, click here to order your lunches online! You can preview weekly menus here as well.

Here’s what lunch at Willow usually looks like:

The way a school organizes its lunch program will tell you a lot about its commitment to community and student wellbeing. Willow’s lunch program is intentionally aligned with our values. Students and parents say it is quite different from mealtimes seen or experienced at other schools. Here’s why:

  • Willow lunch is served in the Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Building in one all-school session (kindergarten-Grade 8) to bolster connection and community.
  • Students sit at assigned tables in mixed grades with a faculty or staff member. An adult is present to encourage manners, healthy eating, and conversation.
  • Lunch is served buffet style and the facilitator of the program uses fresh, local, organic ingredients whenever possible and whole-grain pasta and bread. Gluten-free and alternative options are available every day.
  • At the conclusion of lunch, all students assume rotating responsibilities such as bussing plates, clearing silverware, or wiping tables. Visitors are often quite stunned to see students complete these chores without prompting or reminders; it’s an expectation that’s ingrained in the Willow community.

Families can choose whether or not to opt into our lunch program for a small fee. Families can choose a three-day option or a full five-day option. For five days, the cost is $143.21 per month, $1,423 annually; for three days it is $85.75 per month, $855.00 annually.

Willow is a nut-free campus and is highly accommodating of children with nut and other food allergies.

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