Part of Your World Book Review by Cory Lucid

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Part of Your World is a novel written by Liz Braswell that asks: what would happen if Ariel had never defeated Ursula in the world of The Little Mermaid? The book imagines that Ursula, disguised as Princess Vanessa, had actually defeated the young mermaid and married Prince Eric instead. Fans of the story will recall that Triton traded his life and freedom for Ariel’s, and when she returns to the sea without her father, her sisters determine that she should fill their father’s role as Ruler of the Sea.

The book takes place about six years after this has all occurred, when Prince Eric (who has been dubbed “The Mad Prince of Tirulia”) has started to remember some of what happened the day of his wedding to “Princess Vanessa”, who is really the Sea Witch Ursula. He writes and produces an opera called “La Sirenetta”, which is the true tale of what happened that fateful day. Scuttle, the very faithful aviary friend of Ariel, watches the performance and realizes that Eric remembers what happened, but also that there is a detail that has gone unnoticed by all but the Sea Witch on the wedding day: King Triton was still alive, but he had been turned into a sea polyp, which is a soft-bodied sea organism that has small tentacles that float around on its top side. The seagulls relay this news to Ariel, and she sets off to find her father, destroy Ursula once and for all, and possibly regain the connection that she and Eric once had several years before. 

I would suggest that those reading this novel are at least ten or eleven years old, due to some violence that might be somewhat harsh for a child of a younger age.

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