Sign Up for STEM, French Cooking, and Music Classes on January 20!

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Homepage News

Discover the joy and wonder of hands-on learning at Willow. Sign up for our Willow Winter Weekend classes for students in Grades K-7 on January 20! These workshops are designed to captivate your child’s imagination and foster a love for learning. Choose from the following options for an hour-long class from 10-11am.

Music Kids! (Grades K-2), led by our talented music teacher, Ms. Stacey. Dive into the world of music for a fun morning filled with movement, acting, composition, and percussion.

STEAM: Mystery Build! (Grades 2-5), led by Willow’s dedicated third grade teacher, Ms. Zurlo. Embark on an exciting journey through the Engineering Design Process, building mystery structures using a materials bank and budget. Develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, financial literacy, and problem-solving in a hands-on and entertaining way.

Intro to French Cooking (Grades 3-7), presented by Willow’s French teacher and native speaker, Madame Luborsky. Get ready to don aprons and explore the basics of French cuisine, learning about the importance of the origins of ingredients, freshness, and character. Uncover regional traditions and turn good nutrition into an art form, culminating in the creation of delicious crepes to enjoy together!

Intro to Robotics: Make a Maze (Grades 3-7), guided by Willow’s Middle School Science Teacher, Ms. Caitlin. Explore robotics using Sphero, the dynamic rolling robot. Delve into programming to build and guide your Sphero robot through a maze. This hands-on session will introduce coding and robotics, nurturing creativity, strategic planning, and systems thinking.

Space is limited! Sign up now. Have a fun weekend morning filled with joyful learning and get to know Willow a little bit better ahead of our February 1 application deadline for next school year. We hope to see you there!

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