Experience Willow Middle School!

Wednesday, January 17 • 4:00–5:00 p.m.

Registration for Experience Willow Middle School is now closed. If you signed up, check your emails for details on parking and where to meet! Interested in learning more about Willow Kindergarten? Reach out to Lisa VanderVeen, our Director of Enrollment Management, or schedule a personal tour.

Empowering students — one Middle School moment at a time.

middle school scienceWillow middle schoolers don’t fade into the background. In our small classes, students build confidence, learn how to develop and manage relationships with their peers and teachers, and discover their ability to make a difference. We pay attention to and support the whole child, which helps middle school students realize their full potential, in the classroom and beyond. Our program builds in empowering leadership and service learning experiences,  including opportunities to lead Morning Gatherings, act as mentors to our younger students, make a positive change on campus, and complete a capstone service learning project

Our Middle School curriculum is specifically designed to engage the inquisitive, investigative minds of middle schoolers. With a focus on student agency and experiential learning, our middle schoolers tackle hands-on, interdisciplinary projects that challenge them to examine problems, analyze relationships, identify patterns, and recognize the impact of decisions.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to Lisa VanderVeen, our Director of Enrollment Management, or schedule a personal tour.

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