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Registration for our Kindergarten Preview is now closed. If you signed up, check your emails for details on parking and where to meet! Interested in learning more about Willow Kindergarten? Reach out to Lisa VanderVeen, our Director of Enrollment Management, or schedule a personal tour.

Kindergarten at Willow

Willow teachers understand how young students learn best. They realize that curiosity is the key to a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. That’s why Willow’s kindergarten curriculum incorporates powerful methods that support your child’s natural curiosity and drive to learn about the world around them. These methods include:

A Focus on Social & Emotional Learning. For a child to grow and learn, it is essential their emotional and social needs are attended to. That’s why, in Kindergarten, we emphasize building a caring classroom community, thinking in systems, being a problem solver, practicing the virtues, and celebrating learning. At Willow, we help young learners make genuine, meaningful connections by getting to know their individual personalities and encouraging them to explore their own ideas about how the world works.

An Emphasis on Literacy. Students expand their vocabularies and comprehension on a daily basis through direct phonics instruction and multi-sensory play. Our language curriculum includes: foundational literacy skills (phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonics, sight words, inventive spelling), an introduction to writing, read-alouds and shared reading, and practicing handwriting.

A Hands-on, Holistic Curriculum. Hands-on exploration at Willow is key to helping children turn abstract concepts into concrete understanding — one of the many ways our younger students thrive. Students are encouraged to work together but also empowered to determine their own conclusions. In addition to a robust academic program, Willow Kindergarten students participate in enriching specials such as: handcrafts, music, wellness, world language, and art.

It’s time to apply! Our application deadline is February 1, so our Kindergarten Preview is the perfect time to come experience Willow for yourself!

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