Accepting Preschool Applications for Fall 2023

Good news! The Willow School is making room for more 3 and 4-year olds in our preschool program for fall. We’re growing our popular program to three classes! Willow preschool combines the best early childhood learning approaches:

  • Best of Montessori, Waldorf, and Forest School approaches in one place — Willow adapts the best elements of these educational philosophies (educating the whole child, self-directed learning stations in an intentional environment, hands-on curriculum, individualized learning, developing a deep love for nature, focusing on resilience and nurturing independence, and an emphasis on expression and collaborative play) for an optimum preschool experience filled with joy and purpose.
  • Play-based learning — Nothing fires up young minds like play! Active, collaborative play (including gardening, baking, dramatic storytelling, music and dance) is integrated into classroom learning, recess, outdoor time and more, which is critical for a child’s cognitive development and to nurture relationships and essential social skills.
  • Unique learning environment — Learning extends beyond the classroom at Willow. Our natural 34-acre campus with woods, open space, and a school garden is an ideal space for our youngest learners to play and explore. Deeply connected to the rest of our K-8 program, preschoolers work with our specialty staff and buddy up with older students, too.

PLUS: Preschoolers and their families are part of the larger Willow community. Watch your child grow from our Virtues program, a full curriculum that includes specials like art, music and world language, and all the resources and activities that come with an Age 3-Grade 8 independent school.

Want Your Preschooler to Love Learning?

Flexible Preschool Options

Our choices include:

  • Full Day: 8am-2pm
  • Half Day: 8am-12pm
  • Hybrid: five mornings and three afternoons

Preschool families may also enroll in our Stay & Play (2-3pm) and Extended Day (3-5pm) programs.

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