Superior academics, small size classrooms that allow for more personal attention and care, and the emphasis on integrity and leadership are just some of the reasons families choose Willow. Learn why parents choose Willow and more importantly, why families remain at Willow.

Empowering Students Beyond the Classroom

“My son was equipped at Willow in ways that go well beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. His time at Willow taught him to be self-reliant, speak with poise and confidence, form solid values, and discover a wide range of interests. This foundation enabled him to thrive in a competitive high school and make a mature decision among several college offers. It all started at Willow, and we are truly grateful.”

— Sandy Keegan, Alumni Parent

Testimonials on Whole Child Approach to Learning

“Our daughter, Eliot, spent five magical years at Willow from fourth to eighth grade. During those five years, Willow prepared her academically and personally to thrive in high school and beyond. The Willow faculty taught her the analytical skills and critical thinking necessary to tackle any subject, from the humanities to math and science. At the same time, Willow helped her to develop a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to connect with and help those in her community, along with the confidence to lead in all areas of student life. In high school, she was the head of Community Service and Disciplinary Committees and captained two varsity sports. Now, she is moving on to college and will continue to draw from her academic foundation and strong value set that she gained from Willow.”

— Cynthia Richards, parent of Willow alumnus Eliot Richards, Class of 2018, now enrolled at Harvard University, Class of 2026

“As an alumni parent, I have become so appreciative of the education my son received at Willow. He has become such a conscientious student that is really concerned about the quality of his education. He constantly compares his high school to Willow with comments such as, ‘They want us to memorize a whole list of words in Spanish. At Willow, we did more than just memorizing.’ And, ‘At Willow, the teacher would always make sure the students understood the material before moving on.’ Willow really prepared him academically to excel. I’m so thankful he had the Willow experience!”

— Willow Alumni Parent, Class of 2020

“Students here are immersed in whatever they’re learning so they become wider thinkers. They have a lot more questions, and they have the ability to research and understand the consequences of events and decisions. They become system thinkers. It’s not about memorizing and taking a test.”

— Willow Parent

“Willow really fostered a sense of universal curiosity and empathy that I’ve carried with me throughout my life. There’s a desire to learn more, to understand more, and through that understanding to empathize and create connections that I think is uniquely Willow.”

— Olivia Thompson, Willow Alumnus, Class of 2010

Inspiring a Love of Learning in Each Child

It’s amazing how individualized everything is at Willow…the teachers are just so passionate. In other schools, it felt like you had to fit into a certain mold, and there was no flexibility. Here, the teachers meet students where they are and help them move forward.”

— Willow Parent

Testimonials on Individualized Learning & Nurturing Curiosity

“I’m a person that loves to learn, and I think that really came from Willow. Learning was always a fun, exploratory thing. It was never about memorizing things or the pressure to perform. It was about learning because you love to find out new things, and I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed school beyond Willow. It really has made me who I am today.”

— Gabriela Amaral, Willow Class of 2010

“Every single teacher and administrator knows my son. Not just his name, but who he is, how he learns, how he thrives and they support those traits. I could say so many wonderful things about the beautiful campus and the warm community, but what more can a parent want than a learning environment that supports the character and learning style of your child? He skips into school every day and is bursting with enthusiasm for all his classes and what he’s learning. He feels safe and loved there. I’m so grateful to Willow that it is hard to find the words.”

— Willow Parent

“Willow taught me not to be shy about my passions. At Willow, you’ve got the woods to explore and open assignments that allow you to insert yourself into the work. This place is a breeding ground for passion.”

— Alec Steinhorn, Willow Class of  2012

“One of the most valuable things that I gained from The Willow School was the conf idence to be my true self. I have so many memories of giving presentations to the school or being encouraged to ask questions on field trips and just be confident in your curiosity and to not be scared to experience new things. [We were encouraged to] just be true to yourself and approach the world with a positive, open-minded attitude.”

— Cally Angeletti, Willow Class of  2013

“The Willow School has truly changed the trajectory of Education, of Life, for our four children. This place is magical. The school sees each child as a unique person, understanding that each child learns and processes differently, that they are emotional beings, and that the social/emotional side of education is just as important as the academic side. Each child is met where they are and appreciated for who they are. The Virtues program is instilled throughout curriculum and play, so my children have a respect for nature, for learning, for others. We especially appreciate Willow’s process-based approach to learning, where the focus isn’t necessarily on the end result, rather, the journey…the learning. My children know that making mistakes isn’t a bad thing, rather mistakes are important as we learn so much from them. It is a place of Joy, Nurture, and Curiosity.”

– Willow Parent

Supportive Community, Guided by Virtues

“Willow’s Virtues Program truly shaped my values. The virtues are pertinent in both my studies and the way I interact with others. I am grateful to Willow for fostering strong relationships between the teachers, staff, and students, encouraging me to advocate for myself and develop the confidence to communicate effectively.”

Charlotte Depew, Willow Alumnus, Class of 2017, now enrolled in Columbia University, Class of 2025

Testimonials on Virtues & Community

“We have impressive academics, but what truly anchors us to Willow is the virtues program, as well as the faculty and community that give those virtues real meaning every day. We love that we found a school and a community that works together to raise good, happy children, with timeless values and critical thinking skills.”

— D. Wolfe, Willow Parent

“Willow was an amazing environment for me to grow up in. Everyone was close with one another, and you always had the feeling that your teachers truly wanted to see you succeed. You can always find help with anything you need, and there are endless ways to foster creativity and more specific interests. Students are encouraged to share anything they’re passionate about at morning gatherings with the whole school. In 8th grade, The Willow School offers internship opportunities in the real world that allow children to see what an actual job experience is like. Willow provided me with a school that was serious about me succeeding in the future while also valuing childhood experiences.”

— Cambria Grossman, Willow Alumnus, Class of 2019

“Willow is a place of action and change. Willow educates children to act with confidence and compassion and meet big challenges head on. Willow did not shelter us from global issues, but rather encouraged us to embrace them and inspired us to want to enact change at a very young age.”

— Greta Schacht, Willow Class of 2014

“I’m most grateful for the amazing Willow community that accepted me as family as soon as I entered the building. Both teachers and students immediately acted as a strong support system for me and continued to do so throughout my three years at Willow. They raised my confidence, supported me through all my endeavors, and gave me some of my happiest memories. Willow also prepared me for high school in a variety of ways! Academically, all my subjects taught me how to think and how to open my mind to new perspectives. My teachers made sure I learned how to think critically, which absolutely helped in my high school classes.”

— Vy Lan Chin, Class of 2020

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