Donate to Willow Classrooms: Giving Tree & Book Program

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We are excited to share two very special opportunities to give back to Willow and donate directly to our classrooms: Willow’s Giving Tree and Book Shop! Learn more about both below:

student climbing tree

Participate in this year’s Giving Tree and give directly to Willow’s classrooms!

Willow’s Giving Tree, Now in January

This year’s Giving Tree runs from January 16th through January 31st! Participate in this special program by donating items specifically requested by Willow teachers and students. All of the requested items support this semester’s curriculum, making your positive impact immediate and much-appreciated!

In the past, the Giving Tree program has been a part of the Green Gala weekend, Willow’s largest fundraising event. But by moving the Giving Tree to January, students will have an opportunity to use the donated materials for curricular activities this current semester. Giving Tree items include things like academic games, middle school podcasting supplies, measuring sets, classroom art supplies, gardening goodies, musical instruments, math or language arts Montessori manipulatives, and more. Items are as little as $5!

Click here to shop the Giving Tree.

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Donate books to Willow classrooms, too!

Donate Books to Classrooms

New this year, the Willow Book Program will also launch on Monday! Thanks to Howling Basset Books, you can browse teachers’ requests for their classrooms and the school library via a special page on the local book shop’s website, purchase books online, and they will magically arrive at the Farmhouse! 10% of proceeds will go back to the Willow Parent Association, which will be used to fund additional books for Willow teachers and students.

Click here to shop the Willow Book Program

While launching this week, the Book Shop will remain ongoing throughout the remainder of the year. This allows for teachers to make requests as new curriculum units are taught, as student interests change, or to help support students with ideas, explanations, etc. It also gives you the opportunity to donate books for special holidays, seasons, favorite authors’ birthdays, or just because you feel like donating a book or two throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the Giving Tree or Willow Book Program, please reach out to the Willow Parents’ Association at

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